A world begins where the road ends. There is always a way. Follow your free heart. The Dutch performer, born as Linda Jacobsen, lives by these statements.

Having performed in the USA, Mexico, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, Rain Beaux has only just begun. The young performer has a passion for life and all that’s in it. She has performed in many musical settings including as a soloist with a big band, performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival of 2012. She currently performs with Close Act Theatre and party band Lead. In addition she is in the writing process of her first record Scar of Silence, which she plans to release upcoming spring.


Writing her own music, Rain translates her heart into art and many times that results in powerful songs. Seeking honesty and purity as well as humor, she creates intensity, joy and authenticity. Influenced by many styles from Pop, Jazz and Classical her music is diverse. This diversity combined with her soulful voice, energetic stage presence and passion for acting creates powerful and surprising performances.

Trained by inspiring coaches like Sandra St. Victor, Adrienne West and Ineke van Doorn, Linda graduated from the ArtEZ Conservatory in 2013. In 2012 she traveled to McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota to study for four months, and develop her artistry further. Currently she is coached by live producer Tom Jackson, and mentored by Tom Hess, in his  Music Careers Mentoring Program. Together with her peers in the MCMP she has made the internationally distributed compilation CD Satellite Symphony Vol1.

When Linda is passionate about something, she embraces it with intense commitment. Therefore she owns the stage and from the opening number, the audience is hers too.